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We sing a song to the madness of the brave

Image Producer David Permuth becomes a real war drama expert. In 2017, the American received an Oscar nomination for his work on the film For reasons of conscience, and now he will take viewers to the fields of the American Civil War.

Last time, the producer helped shoot a film about the life of the pacifist Desmond T. Doss, who won the Medal of Honor for saving American soldiers during World War II. Permut will return to the topic of field doctors and continue a fascinating excursion into the history of the highest US military award. David will team up with Walden Media on a tape about Dr. Mary Walker, the only woman among 3,505 Medal of Honor holders.

By the time the Civil War began, Walker had a medical degree and experience in private practice, but the Union army did not want to register the girl as a military surgeon. Mary was faced with a difficult choice: to accept a paid position as a nurse or to work as a doctor, but as a volunteer. Walker went against all the rules and chose the second option. During the war, Mary often moved to southern territory to help the wounded. During one of the sorties she was caught and declared a spy. Walker spent four months in Richmond Jail before the armies agreed to exchange prisoners of war. After the end of the internecine conflict, Mary received the well-deserved Medal of Honor.


Curiously, it was Walden Media that was supposed to be involved in the production of "For reasons of conscience", but the studio bosses were confused by the age limit "17 and older." As a result, Permut made a deal with another company, and the management of WM had to bite their elbows with frustration: Mel Gibson's drama more than four times recouped the budget and received six Oscar nominations. The studio learned from a stupid mistake and agreed to support the producer's new project. The plot of the film about the exploits of Mary Walker will be thought up by the lady of the heart Mel Gibson - aspiring screenwriter Rosalind Ross.

Source: Deadline

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Author: Jake Pinkman