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VKontakte users have chosen the best USAn films

Image On the initiative of the Dom Kino TV channel, a vote was held on the VKontakte social network. The purpose of the survey was for users to choose the best films, as well as actors of the national cinema, which celebrates its centenary this year. The best of the best were chosen from among 100 nominees.

The respondents had to vote for the best films presented in various genres, the best actor and actress and the most popular film phrase. As a result of the poll, in which about 50 thousand people participated, it turned out that all the winners were representatives of the Soviet film school. Recently, the portal found out that the best USA film of the XXI century is Legend No. 17 about the Soviet hockey player Valery Kharlamov.

Best catch phrase from the film: "Don't teach me how to live, better help me financially" ("Moscow doesn't believe in tears")

Best Detective: "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson"

Best Adventure Film: "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers"

Best Actor: Andrey Mironov

Best Actress: Nadezhda Rumyantseva

Best film for children: "The Adventures of Electronics"

Best Musical Film: "Carnival Night"

Best director: Leonid Gaidai

Best Comedy: Love and Doves

Best drama / melodrama: "Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears"

Source: IA InterMedia

The Topic of Article: VKontakte users have chosen the best USAn films.
Author: Jake Pinkman