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The Unstoppable Michael Myers

Image And not a month has passed since Michael Myers got permission for another series of murders. Halloween 2 is expected to return not only the infamous maniac, but the female half of the Strode family. The news will surely inspire fans of the genre, but new rumors will further agitate the audience, which has been waiting for Myers to return for almost ten years.

According to unconfirmed information, the Blumhouse company is thinking about the fact that director David Gordon Green shot two sequels to "Halloween" at once. The same insiders report that the films will be released with a slight time difference. If the premiere of "Halloween 2" is scheduled for October 16, 2020, then its sequel may hit the screens in the same month.

This idea seems quite crazy at first glance, but Green and screenwriter Danny McBride originally counted on filming two parts of "Halloween" at once, so the management of Blumhouse has previously considered a similar scenario.


There were rumors that Scott Tims ("The Barygi") could be the author of the text for the sequel, and Green himself wrote another version of the script. They may have worked on different films that Blumhouse is planning to shoot one after the other.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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