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Machine Gun Kelly will receive a one-way ticket

Image Colson "Machine Gun Kelly" Baker, who is about to take revenge on a drug dealer in the crime drama of Randall Emmett, will star in the new film by Andrew Baird One Way ("One Way *"). Together with Baker, the star of the historical series "Vikings" Travis Fimmel, who has previously worked with the director on his debut film "Zone 414", will take part in the filming.

The action-thriller set to begin filming in January 2021 was written by Ben Conway. The plot will center around a guy named Freddie (Baker), who goes on the run with a bag full of money and cocaine. The protagonist managed to obtain such wealth during the robbery of his former boss, but something did not go according to plan. Freddie, mortally wounded during the skirmish, manages to board a bus heading straight into the ruthless California desert. Of course, this is not the most attractive place to travel, but what else is there to do when you have a crime boss and his assistants on your tail, dreaming of reprisals?


Highland Film Group, the distributor of the tape, said they were delighted to be working with the film crew behind Zone 414:“After reading the script, we were very impressed. Not only from breathtaking action scenes, numerous plot twists and unexpected ending, but also from the main message of the film: everyone deserves a second chance. ”The upcoming action movie will be produced by Tim Palmer, along with Martin Brennan and Jib Polemus.

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Source: Deadline

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