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Courteney Cox caught in Ghostface's net

Image Courtney Cox seems to be a fan of horror in general and the Scream franchise in particular. The actress followed David Arquette's example and agreed to take part in the filming of the fifth part of the film series, where she will again play the role of annoying reporter Gail Weathers.

According to the official press release, the new film is simply called The Scream. The filming will be directed by Matthew Bettinelli and Tyler Gillett, known for the horror movie I'm Going to Look. The script for the project was written by James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) and Guy Busik (Castle Rock). The plot of the film is still kept under wraps, but it should be assumed that it is good enough to lure the old-timers of the franchise into the Gustface network.

"We don't represent Scream" without the iconic Gail Weathers and are incredibly excited about the opportunity to work with Courtney,- the directors said in an official statement. -We are huge fans of her talent and are happy to join her in the new chapter of the Scream saga.


Also, the press release promises that in the near future, other news about "Scream" awaits moviegoers. Perhaps the creators of the sequel will finally confirm the return of Neve Campbell, who has been in talks with the producers for several months. As for the dates of the start of filming and the premiere, they are still unknown.

Source: Collider

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