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Alex Cross takes on a new business

Image Amazon continues to collect characters from popular novels with notes of detective and thriller. Two years ago, the streaming giant launched the Jack Ryan series based on the Tom Clancy franchise of the same name. Last week it became known that the Jeff Bezos corporation will film a serial drama about Jack Reacher from the novels of Lee Child. Today she made another valuable purchase. Detective Alex Cross will accompany Ryan and Reacher.

Amazon executives have struck a deal with writer James Patterson to create a series about Cross's investigations. The detective made his debut on the pages of Patterson's action-packed thrillers in 1993. Over the past 27 years, the book series has grown to 29 novels.

Previously, Cross has already been on screen. In the films Kissing the Girls and And the Spider Came, he was played by Morgan Freeman, and in the film I, Alex Cross, by Tyler Perry. All three film projects failed miserably with critics. Moreover, only the very first film adaptation reached financial payback.


Amazon bosses believe Patterson's character will finally be revealed in a multi-part format. The series will be produced by Skydance Studios and Paramount Television.

Source: Variety

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