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Sergei Bezrukov will save Pushkin's legacy in Mikhailovsky

Image Showman, actor and director Igor Ugolnikov ("The First Circle") announced the completion of his new film entitled "Learning Fruits". The picture tells about the salvation of Pushkin's heritage in the village of Mikhailovskoye during the Great Patriotic War. Actor Sergei Bezrukov starred.

The events of the film unfold in 1944 in the village of Mikhailovskoye in the Pskov region. The village is under the control of German troops, who establish their brutal order, while not forgetting to enjoy the beautiful nature, praised by the great USA poet. As elsewhere in that terrible time, part of the inhabitants went into the forest to partisan, someone remained to serve the Germans, and someone is trying to maintain neutrality. One of these locals is Sergei Trofimov (Bezrukov), a rural jack of all trades, who falls in love with the German "Pushkinist" Maria Schiller (Anastasia Kerbengen), who came to study the poet's legacy.


Frau Schiller conducts excursions and lectures on the life and work of Alexander Pushkin to German soldiers and officers, as well as to local residents. She wants to prove to the German command that they need to conduct educational work among the local population, as well as among the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, which the high ranks do not really like. Everything changes when, with the approach of the front line, an order comes from Berlin to evacuate all the historical values of Mikhailovsky to Germany. And then Sergei, risking his life, tries to prevent this.


Anastasia Kerbengen (Optimists), Fyodor Bondarchuk (Stalingrad), Anastasia Melnikova (The Idiot), director Igor Ugolnikov and others starred in the film Learning Fruits. The premiere of the film is expected this year.

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