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Sam Raimi is not casting Evil Dead

Image No matter what production project Sam Raimi advertises, he is always asked questions about Evil Dead. And this time history repeated itself. Communicating with fans as part of a promotional campaign for the new "Curse", the famous producer again touched upon the theme of "Evil Dead". One fan asked if we would ever see another film in the franchise from Sam Raimi, and the latter's answer will surely please those who dream of returning the film series to the screens.

Bruce, Rob, and I are currently working with a young filmmaker who is writing the script for the new Evil Dead. He will also lead the shooting. As for me, I would like to return to the franchise as a director with Bruce, and he says that he sent Ash to rest. ", - this was Raimi's answer.

Six months ago, Sam Raimi admitted that they were developing ideas for the new "Evil Dead", and at the same time the producer expressed his hope for further cooperation with Federico Alvarez, who shot the "Black Book". The latter, however, is busy with other projects, and, apparently, for this reason, Raimi and his colleagues invited a talented filmmaker from outside.


The rest of the details of the next "Evil Dead" are kept secret, and it is not yet clear what the project is. Perhaps it will be a reboot of the franchise, like the one that came out in 2013, or Raimi and Robert Tapert will film a sequel to The Black Book.

Source: Collider

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