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Jim Meekle will drive a Buick

Image Screen adaptation of the novel "Almost like a Buick" Stephen King found a director - the "driver" seat of the project was taken by Jim Meekl ("Cold in July", "Vampire Land"). Actor Thomas Jane ("Deep Blue Sea", "Mist"), also involved in the creation of the horror, said in a podcast that despite this appointment, the date of the start of work on the future film is still unknown. The delay is not only due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has paused all life in Hollywood, but also to the course of history - it focuses on the police force and may cause confusion in the current public sentiment in the United States.

According to the plot of the novel, after the tragic death of a police officer in a car accident, his son Ned Wilcox discovers that his father's colleagues are hiding a certain secret within the precinct. The mystery is kept in a local garage - this is a perfectly preserved vintage car, the truth about which turns out to be worse than you might imagine. The car turns out to be a fiend of hell, which has dominated the lives of police officers for 20 years ...

Previously, Thomas Jane has already starred in film adaptations of Stephen King's books (Dreamcatcher, 1922). One of the last film adaptations of the works of the king of horrors were the tapes "It" and "Pet Sematary".

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