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Tom Hardy dreams of Antarctica

Image Tom Hardy manages to do everything - to share photos from the filming of "Venom 2", and to prepare for new projects. This time the actor will remember his survival skills: Hardy will play the main role in a biographical drama dedicated to the life of the explorer Ernest Shackleton. Back in 2016, the Oscar nominee became interested in biopic, but there was no news about the project, and it seemed that Hardy had given up on the idea of conquering the snowy expanses. As it turned out, Tom's plans are in force and, apparently, after the comic book universe of Sony, he will go to Antarctica.

A few years ago, it was planned that the biopic would again bring together screenwriter Mark L. Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio, who worked together on "The Survivor." Since then, the project has undergone changes: the text is now being dealt with by Peter Strohan ("Spy, get out!"), And instead of DiCaprio, Hardy will survive in the ice.

It is unclear exactly what events from Shackleton's life will capture the film, but his most famous adventure will definitely fall into the frame. In 1914, Ernest organized the Imperial Transantarctic Expedition, which ended in complete collapse. The ship "Endurance" was stuck in the ice and sank, but the crew of the ship managed to escape, and much of the credit went to Shackleton. He showed leadership qualities in extreme conditions and, according to rumors, even gave his own gloves to one of the victims, which caused his fingers to freeze.


“Tom and I have always admired Shackleton for his inexhaustible optimism and absolute faith in the team. In a time when leaders cared more about themselves than their environment, Shackleton sacrificed his own needs to ensure the well-being of the team. It is inspiring. ”, - said Dean Baker. The latter will share the film's production functions with Hardy and David Hayman ("Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood").

Source: Variety

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