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Hollywood gets to Fruit Ninja

Image This week brought the news to moviegoers that a whole trilogy of films will be shot based on Tetris , and Angry Birds continue to conquer the world's cinemas. The Hollywood Reporter has been able to find out that another hit game will hit the big screens.

The source reports that Tripp Vinson (San Andreas Rift) producer has partnered with Australian developer Halfbrick Studios to adapt Fruit Ninja ... The text of the project will be handled by J.P. Lavigne and Chad Damiani, whose script for Kamikaze Love was included in the Blacklist of Hollywood's best unrealized ideas.

The idea of Fruit Ninja is that the user is asked to chop up as many fruits as possible. Although there is no plot in the game as such, Vinson saw the potential in it for creating a full-length feature family film.


Fruit Ninja first appeared on the market in 2010 and was warmly received both by the professional community and by the users themselves. Within a couple of years after the launch, the number of downloads of the game exceeded 300 million.

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Author: Jake Pinkman