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Marvel Announces Five New Movies


Marvel has updated its rental schedules. According to Deadline, five more unnamed projects have been added to the previously announced releases. They will be presented to viewers on October 7, 2022, February 17, 2023, May 5, 2023, July 28, 2023 and November 3, 2023.

Thus, starting from 2021, the studio intends to release four full-length movies in year. They will enter the next phases of the development of the existing cinematic universe, which is the highest-grossing franchise in the history of world cinema.

Recall that in 2020, viewers will be presented with a solo movie "Black Widow" dedicated to the adventures of Natasha Romanoff performed by Scarlett Johansson. It will be released on April 30th. The movie adaptation of the Eternal comics will be released in November.

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Author: Jake Pinkman