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Hitman's screenwriter will hack and hack on TV

Image According to the journalists The Hollywood Reporter , the comic Hack / Slash , the work on the full-length film adaptation of which began many years ago, goes not to big screens, but to TV.

The script for the television adaptation will be written by Skip Woods , whose filmography includes Swordfish Password, Die Hard: A Good Day to Die, and The Hitman. Woods himself will take on the functions of executive producer, with the help of Adrian Askaria, who bought the rights to the film adaptation back in 2005, and Raymond Rikord.

The graphic novel by Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli follows Cassie Huck , a lonely girl who always survives the finale of any horror. However, the heroine, after suffering emotional trauma, not only survived, but also turned into a killer whose equal is difficult to find. In the company of his protector, Vlad Cassie travels the country, looking for and destroying slasher maniacs - those who look like Michael Myers , Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger .


When the project was being developed in the format of a feature-length film, Marcus Nispel, Fredrik Bond and Todd Lincoln managed to be candidates for his director's chair. In the new series, the producers intend to create a dark and depressing atmosphere, taking as a model the success formula of "The Walking Dead" ( The Walking Dead ).

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Author: Jake Pinkman