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The sequel to Top Gun is closer than ever

Image The portal Deadline , referring to the profile of Jerry Bruckheimer on Twitter, reports that the producer of the cult film "Top Shooter" and starring in it Tom Cruise met to discuss the storyline of the sequel of Tony Scott's painting. The long-awaited sequel, according to the publication, is closer than ever to finally seeing the light of day.

The creative union Scott - Bruckheimer has been hatching plans for a sequel for more than one year. In 2010, it became known about the interest in the project of the bosses of Paramount - the studio that released the original. In 2012, work on the tape was suspended due to the death of Tony Scott , while it was reported that a few days before the tragic event, Cruise and the director were selecting locations for their third joint pictures. The chances of a sequel, as it became known a year later, were still quite high.

According to David Ellison, executive director of Skydance Productions , the upcoming film will touch the impending era of fifth generation fighters and drones and answer the question of whether there is a place in this new world for pilot Pete Mitchell ( Cruz ). The latest version of the script was written by Justin Marks, and a few months ago, Val Kilmer was enthusiastic about returning to the sequel. Tom Cruise , who has repeatedly noted his willingness to star in the sequel, is now busy filming the tape "Jack Reacher: Never Come Back", and this year he will work on the restart of "The Mummy".


In 1986, " Best Shooter " became the highest-grossing film in the United States and made Cruise , Scott and Bruckheimer among the most sought-after action professionals.

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