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The San Andreas Rift Writers Return Astro Boy

Image A year ago, Animal Logic and Tezuka Productions announced the start of work on the adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's manga Astroboy (also known as Mighty Atom " ) in the format of a feature film. Now it became known that the studio New Line is negotiating to take the project under its wing, writes the website The Hollywood Reporter .

The new film also has scriptwriters - Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore will take over the adaptation of the manga. Their filmography includes the blockbuster San Andreas Rift, as well as the action films Prince and Welcome to Paradise.

The original manga, which was published from 1952 to 1968, is about theadventures of a robot boy in a world where androids live alongside ordinary people. Astro Boy was created by Dr. Temma , who dreamed of replacing his deceased son with it. However, when the scientist realized that the robot was not like his child, he abandoned his creation. Subsequently, Astroboy finds a new mentor and begins to use his exceptional abilities to fight criminals.


According to the source, the new Astroboy will be an adventure film suitable for all ages. Hollywood studios have tried several times to bring manga to screens. Their efforts culminated in an animated film in 2009, but it flopped at the box office, earning only $ 40 million on a budget of $ 65 million .

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Author: Jake Pinkman