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Renegades May Go to TV

Image After Bates Motel ( Bates Motel ) and Fargo have been huge success with audiences and critics, almost every self-respecting broadcast and America's cable channel is busy working on television adaptations of big screen hits.

In an interview with Collider , The Renegades producer Roy Lee admitted that he is considering filming a series based on the crime thriller Martin Scorsese. According to Lee , the original idea of a sequel was in the air. Original film scriptwriter William Monahan even came up with a way to bring a number of murdered characters back to the screen, but the second part required a solid budget and did not generate interest from Scorsese .

Renegades ”have a great concept, said Roy . -The story of two moles on opposite sides of the law can be played out in a different setting and with new characters. Just look at how the creators of “ Fargo ” have managed to preserve the spirit of the Coen brothers' film. We are currently discussing the possibility of creating a TV series based on ' The Departed ', which would take place in another city. "


The Renegades events took place in Boston. The film Scorsese was based on the Hong Kong film Castling Double, which eventually acquired a prequel and sequel. The American version of the crime thriller has won four Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Editing.


Lee already has a successful TV experience, serving as executive producer on Bates Motel for two seasons.

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Author: Jake Pinkman