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Big Country New Years Survivor: Watch This Week

Image During the holidays, we advise you not to go far from the cinemas - for Orthodox Christmas, distributors will bring three presents to each city, one of which deserves special attention from the sophisticated public. Definitely, the movie year will start for health - the hotly discussed drama Alejandro Gonzalez InarrituSurvivor ” starts on the screens. Finally, each viewer, at least for himself, will be able to answer the question: is Leonardo DiCaprio worthy to take the Oscar statuette this time? It is Leo , about whom we have not heard anything for over a year, who plays the main role here.

However, try to distract yourself from the main dilemma of February (the awards ceremony will take place on the 28th) and pay attention to other components of this curious novelty. The “ Survivor ” team put themselves in almost hopeless conditions when Inarritu , with whom only Quentin Tarantino is ready to compete in terms of perfectionism, insisted on filming the picture in such a wilderness, in which and people do not wander. Everything that could go wrong, naturally, went wrong - the working group, forced to live in Spartan conditions and is all kinds of nasty things, terrorized the weather and natural conditions. Meanwhile, two-time " Oscar " winner, maestro Emmanuel Lubezki, was doing the same camera tricks as before at Birdman, but not in the lighted and comfortable studio pavilions.


Judging by the first trailers, all efforts were not in vain. Inarritu , who had a hand in the script based on the novel by Michael Pahnke, is preparing to present us with a powerful and spectacular picture of the strength of the human spirit in the face of betrayal, evil fate and ruthless indifferent nature. By the way, in addition to the stubborn DiCaprio , to whose person the gaze of all cinephiles will again be riveted, such invariably pleasing actors as Tom Hardy, Donal Gleeson, Will will appear in the frame of the " Survivor " Poulter and Paul Anderson.

Another reason to put aside the bowl of Olivier and take a look at the nearest cinema will be the American comedy Sean Anders , the director of Horrible Bosses 2. Don't be fooled by the catchy title of the painting - “ Hello, Dad, New Year ” is not really about the holidays. The film will focus on the good old confrontation of fathers, where in one corner of the ring we will be waiting for the cool and hot Mark Wahlberg, and in the other - the sarcastic goof Will Ferrell. Two dads, prodigal and adopted, will have to compete for the attention of the kids, and at the same time find out which of them can claim the title of alpha male. This conflict will give rise to many jokes and funny situations.

Hello Dad New Year
Dubbed Trailer

To the credit of the writers, judging by the promo video, there are very few vulgar gags and toilet humor in the tape. The comedy looks uncomplicated, without any deep morality, but kind and light, very suitable for those viewers who are not in the mood for contemplating Leo 's struggle for their own life and dignity. And the previous rental week did not indulge the audience with witty comedies at all. So if you are not interested in advancing the pioneer of the IT era Steve Jobs up the career ladder, do not seek to get a share of the thrill from the visit of the horned guest Krampus and learned a long time ago how things are in a galaxy far, distant, " Hello, dad "is not your worst choice.

Finally, those last of the Mohicans who still hope for revelations from the mainstream domestic cinema will have an opportunity to evaluate the efforts of Tair Mamedov in the director's field - his musical melodrama “ Voices of a Big Country will be released on Christmas >". Not to say that the new film is the worst that the USA industry has seen in a year, but it is annoying that the project looks more like a big skit or a musical and dance flash mob than a full-fledged film with a well-proportioned script. It is good that we see in the trailer a lot of young and not yet familiar faces, but it is upsetting to have a whole horde of show business representatives who decided to remind people about themselves like this "non-intrusively".

Voices of a Big Country

If the staging of the musical numbers is not satisfactory yet, then it is difficult to say anything about the plot. It is clear that “ Voices ” is something massive, noisy, funny and exploiting the values that are fashionable today - success, fame, everyone's attention. But do we want to promote just such values on the most magical and good night of the year? It's up to you to decide which of the three gifts from distributors to roll out on the second weekend of 2016.

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Author: Jake Pinkman