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Death Note found Kira's assistant

Image According to The Hollywood Reporter , the actress Margaret Qualley is close to joining Nat Wolfe on the set of the film adaptation of the highly popular Japanese manga Death Note ".

The God of Death Ryuku becomes bored and he begins to observe with interest how the young man from the human world Light Yagami ( Wolf ) it will turn out to dispose of the divine and very easy-to-use murder weapon thrown to the ground - the death note. In pursuit of the desired utopian world, Yagami , nicknamed Kira , finds himself under the gun of " Interpol " and a detective named L . Neither side has the right to make a mistake...

The name of the character that will go to Qualley has not yet been disclosed, but it can be assumed that the actress will play the role of Misa Amane -a fashion model who has fondness for Light, which the latter, however, does not share, using the girl to achieve his own goals. At the moment, the filmography of the young actress includes only two works - the drama "Palo Alto" and the mystical thriller "Goodfellas".


The history of the Hollywood film version of one of the most famous Japanese comics began in 2007 - as reported by the newspaper The Star , the film adaptation of the manga was of interest to a dozen American companies. Two years later, it became known that the rights to the project were acquired by the studio Warner Bros . The director for a long time was Shane Black, whose ideological disagreements with the studio bosses first postponed the production of the picture, and then completely forced the filmmaker to leave the project. This spring, the production received its current helmsman, Adam Wingard. In addition to the director and the two aforementioned actors, Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Jason Hoffs and Masi Oka are involved in the production of the film, as well as Jeremy Slater, who wrote the script.


Filming based on " Death Note ", which already has three feature film adaptations at home, should begin in spring 2016.

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