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James Bond not for sale

Image It looks like Daniel Craig wasn't joking when, after the release of 007: SPECTRUM, he announced that he would no longer drive an Aston Martin . The information resource The Telegraph managed to find out that the studio MGM decided to appease the actor with a tidy sum, which he himself once mentioned. However, Craig turned down his proposed contract for two more James Bond films and valued at 68 million pounds sterling.

According to the source, Craig assured the MGM bosses that another Bond blockbuster is not what he wants. However, the major hoped that a new contract, implying a share in the profits and the post of co-producer of Bond films, would save the day, although Craig immediately after the release of SPECTRA hinted that he did not want to return to work on a franchise.

According to publications, for four films of the film series Daniel earned about 38 million pounds sterling.


While the studio MGM tried to come to an agreement with the actor, serious passions flared up around the name of the main contender for the role of agent 007 . So, bookmakers stopped accepting bets after Tom Hiddleston became the clear favorite of the race: his chances at the last moment were estimated as 1/2. The fact that Hiddleston was spotted meeting with director Sam Mendes and Bond film producer Barbara Broccoli added fuel to the fire.


Other possible candidates previously included the names of Idris Elba, Damien Lewis, Aidan Turner and Tom Hardy. As for Hiddleston , in the TV series "The Night Manager" ( The Night Manager ), he clearly proved that in the world of espionage passions he feels like a fish in water.

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Author: Jake Pinkman