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WB and DC think about TV / MCU crossover

Image A few days ago, Warner Bros. and the The CW channel presented the Dawn of the Justice League program, which revealed the details of the upcoming films MCU DC and a new trailer for the blockbuster "Suicide Squad" is shown.

The program was hosted by renowned filmmaker and comic book expert Kevin Smith, who was interviewed by DC creative director Jeff Jones. In his podcast Fat Man on Batman Smith admitted that the creators of Dawn of the Justice League left behind the scenes conversation about the prospects for creating a crossover between the film and television universe ...

They cut out part of our conversation, said Kevin . -I said that DC comics are famous for their concept of a multiverse, and then I asked Jeff if it was possible for the characters of their series and films to intersect. Jones replied, “Well ...”. I have the full impression that they do not rule out the possibility of creating a crossover. Just imagine that The Flash could be Ezra Miller or Grant Gustin”.


Gustin plays Barry Allen in the hit TV series The Flash . The actor managed to quickly win the love of the audience and earn critical praise for his work on the image of the fastest man on Earth. Curiously, the second season of " The Flash " began to actively develop the idea of the existence of many parallel worlds, in each of which the fate of superheroes can develop in different ways.

Miller landed the role of The Flash in DC MCU in October 2014. The superhero will take an active part in the events of the first part of the "Justice League", and then will receive a solo film. Insiders do not rule out that the debut of Ezra in the image of The Flash may take place already in the film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Simultaneously with the recognition of Smith , rumors appeared on the Internet that DC Comics was preparing a new reboot of their comic book world to bring the plots of graphic novels in line with the events of films and TV series. WB and DC officials have yet to comment on rumors of a possible intersection of their film and television universes.

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Author: Jake Pinkman