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Attack of the Titans. Bloodthirsty Trailer

Image The first dubbed trailer for the upcoming Japanese fantasy action movie Attack of the Titans. Film One: Cruel World ", which is a screen version of the popular post-apocalyptic manga" Invasion of the Titans ". It is curious that the plot of this beloved work of the Japanese has already become the main one for the television spin-off, the production of which will begin after both films of the full-length dilogy are released.

The general USA audience still knows little about the universe of the titans. However, the first promotional materials are able to intrigue anyone with mesmerizing shots of colossal destruction, an atmosphere of general panic and a truly eerie appearance of the invaders themselves. According to the plot,humanity was thrown back in development due to the appearance of a race of giants, which wiped out almost all people from the face of the earth. Huge humanoids possessed neither speech nor intelligence, and their only instinct was the desire to devour all living things.


The remnants of the human race were able to survive only by hiding behind a triple ring of huge walls that surrounded the last settlements. The lull lasted a hundred years, and during this time the civilians relaxed and forgot about the danger, and therefore disbanded the army. Only the reconnaissance corps retained its combat effectiveness, and only the young guys in its ranks left hope for the frivolous people, when the titans returned and more than ever coveted the blood of their victims.

It is worth noting that films shot in the East are becoming more and more popular outside of Asian countries. So, this summer, the Chinese fantasy thriller "Monster Hunt" for two weeks in a row won the lead in the world box office. As for the film " Attack of the Titans ", it can be assumed that a non-trivial plot and a significant army of Japanese manga fans in USA will contribute to the breakthrough of the director's project Shinji Higuchi .

Attack of the Titans. Movie One: Cruel World
Dubbed Trailer

Whether this will happen, we will find out on September 3 , when titans attack domestic cinemas, but for now, you can scrutinize their design and equipment of the local saviors of the world, which are presented in a destructive dubbed trailer.

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