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Ford Strikes Back

Image Returning to a galaxy far, far away in the blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens not only earned Harrison Ford an eight-figure check, but also earned him the title of the highest grossing actor in North American history. rental.

Ford held this honorary title for years until it was overtaken in 2005 by Samuel L. Jackson , who was helped to step up the rankings by George Lucas's space saga prequel trilogy. To date, The Force Awakens has earned $ 764.4 million in the United States, thanks to which Harrison has broken Samuel's 11-year hegemony and got the opportunity to break away from the closest pursuers.

According to Box Office Mojo , forty-one films featuring Ford made $ 4.7 billion in the US. On account of Jackson 68 paintings and $ 4.62 billion .


The party on the street Ford risks not lasting long, because Jackson continues to have a contract with the studio Marvel . Any cameo in Phase 3 projects could allow him to return to the fight for the title of the highest grossing star in the United States.

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