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Mark Wahlberg will help the Autobots again

Image Since the blockbuster Transformers: Age of Extinction, starring Mark Wahlberg , was released in 2014, many have speculated that the actor will return to Cade Yeager in fifth of the franchise. Wahlberg himself has hinted several times that such an assumption may turn out to be true. In a recent interview with CinePop Mark , he finally confirmed that he will continue to fight on the side of the Autobots in the fifth Transformers .

Recall that the actor took over from Shia LaBeouf, who played the central character in the first three films of the film series. And already in the fourth part, the inventor and scientist Yeager appeared, performed by Wahlberg , who, together with his daughter and Optimus Prime , defended the planet from the Decepticons.

The Age of Annihilation , like its predecessors, became a box office hit, earning $ 1.1 billion worldwide. The entire franchise currently boasts a result of $ 3.7 billion .


In the finale of the fourth part, Optimus Prime went into space in search of the Creators responsible for the emergence of transformers. Although the details of the fifth film are kept secret, insiders believe that its action will unfold both on Earth and in space.


It is expected that Michael Bay will take the directorial chair of the blockbuster, but this information has not yet been confirmed. After lengthy discussions in the writing group led by Akiva Goldsman, Art Markum, Matt Holloway and Ken Nolan took over the script.

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