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USA nominated for Oscar the drama ”Sunstroke”

Image According to TASS , the head of the USA Oscar committee, Vladimir Menshov, announced that Nikita's drama has been nominated for the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences award in the nomination "Best Foreign Language Film" Mikhalkov " Sunstroke ".

The USA premiere of the film, the plot of which was based on the works of Ivan Bunin " Sunstroke " and " Cursed Days ", took place on October 9 last year. The drama received mixed reviews from critics and managed to earn only $ 1.7 million at home on a budget of $ 21 million . At the beginning of this year, the tape won five " Golden Eagle " awards.

Each country has the right to nominate one painting for the " Oscar ". In mid-December, academics will reduce the list of applicants to nine films, and on January 14 next year, the five finalists will be announced.


His first nomination for the " Oscar " in the category "Best Foreign Language Film" Nikita Mikhalkov received in 1993 for the drama "Urga: Territory of Love", but lost to "Indochina ". Two years later, the director won the 67th Academy Awards, with Burnt by the Sun. In 2007 the drama Mikhalkov "12" was among the five finalists, but the Austrian war film "The Counterfeiters" won the victory. In 2011, USA nominated for the " Oscar " the film "Burnt by the Sun 2: The Citadel", but the academics did not include it in the short list of candidates for the film award.


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Author: Jake Pinkman