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Fox is preparing a new teen franchise

Image Fox and Temple Hill Entertainment have acquired the film rights to Marie Lou's novel Young Elite , according to The Hollywood Reporter .

The book is set ten years after the start of the spread of a deadly disease called "blood fever." Some of the surviving teenagers acquired not only gross scars on their bodies, but also amazing abilities. People with unique powers unite in a secret community " Young Elite ", which is opposed by an insidious Inquisitorial coalition . The interest of both sides of the conflict is caused by the girl Adeline Amuteru , who has the most powerful gift ...

Young Elite is the first in a planned book trilogy that Fox hopes to create a new franchise based on. Marty Bowen and Vic Godfrey will act as producers.


Fox and Temple Hill already have a track record of successfully launching film series based on teen literature. Last year, the first film in the Maze Runner franchise was released, which grossed ten times the $ 34 million worldwide box office. The USA premiere of the sequel is scheduled for September 18 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman