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Zach Braff is 40!

Image There are people in the film industry whose names do not thunder at the Oscars, do not appear in the news every day, and do not appear in the credits of cool blockbusters. But these filmmakers nevertheless remain invariably loved by viewers on both sides of the ocean. One such star is the actor and director Zach Braff , who is celebrating his anniversary today.

Zach was born in 1975 in a family far from Hollywood bohemia, which did not prevent not only him, but also his two brothers from being realized in the field of cinema. The beginning of the career of Braff was not distinguished by deafening successes: at first he got minor roles in comedies like "Blue Moon" and "Club of Broken Hearts.

Everything changed in 2001, when the future big television star auditioned for the classic sitcom Clinic ( Scrubs ). The image of the slightly unlucky, dreamy and incredibly charming doctor J.D. is considered one of the best in his career. For this role, Zach was nominated for the " Golden Globe " three times and one for the " Emmy ", but did not win. However, it doesn't matter, because the main thing is that Bambi taught a whole generation of TV viewers an ironic attitude towards themselves and their difficulties, as well as the ability to sometimes play the fool and just see life brighter than it really is.


While working on " Clinic ", Braff made the film "Land of Gardens", which he developed as a student, and played the main role in it. Critics and viewers appreciated this light melancholy, with which the director spoke about doubts, self-determination and youthful disappointments that are familiar to every restless young man.

ImageIf in “ ClinicZach shone in a comedic role, then in " Gardenland " he proved that he is able to cope with dramatic roles. In a word, the picture left few people indifferent, and the proof of this is the Grammy award for “Best collection of soundtracks for a film.

The actor consolidated his success in dramatic acting by starring in the films The Color of Time and The High Price of Life. He also appeared in the family fantasy Oz: The Great and Terrible. However, his fans were tormented by the question of when they will be able to see the next creation of Braff -film-maker ... When working on the comedy drama "I Wish I Was Here", which was more like a get-together with close friends, Zachfaced with a misunderstanding on the part of the producers.

To do everything in his own way, without compromise, the scriptwriter and director had to seek the help of a large army of fans. This experience became an example for other indie directors and that rare case when the project hit wide distribution without the participation of major film studios. The tape itself was called the ideological continuation of " Land of Gardens " and also won approval in the professional community.


Currently Zach Braff is filming the film adaptation of John Steinbeck's novel And We Lost the Battle. It is quite possible that in the future this talented, intelligent and positive person will please us with another chamber work. Well, we will always be ready to fork out to maintain his independent spirit.

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