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The Dark Knight Returns

Image At the end of last month, we announced that Warner Bros. Studios is considering making a solo movie about Batman within the DC Cinematic Universe. Today journalists Deadline confirmed this information and shared new details of the project.

As expected, the film will be directed by the new actor as Bruce Wayne - Ben Affleck . According to insiders, the two-time Oscar winner has already begun writing the plot of the new Batman , with the active support of DC Comics Creative Director Jeff Jones. Peru Jones owns not only many DC graphic novels, but also scripts of several episodes of such popular superhero series as Smallville ( Smallville ), "Arrow" ( Arrow ) and "Flash" ( The Flash ).

Affleck and Jones expect to finish writing the script by the end of the summer so that Ben can switch to work on the film adaptation of Dennis Lehane's novel "Nightlife" its time had to be postponed due to the filming of the blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Studio WB has not yet officially announced the new " Batman ", but there are rumors that the famous superhero will receive his own film in 2018. Most likely, Affleck will begin filming after the completion of " Nightlife ".

For the first time as The Dark Knight Ben will appear in the film " Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ", which will be released in USA March 24, 2016 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman