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Disney retells an old legend

Image Disney Studio is preparing another full-length feature film based on its animation masterpieces. According to The Hollywood Reporter , following Dumbo, Mulan, Pinocchio, Winnie the Pooh and many other favorites of children and adults, the heroes of " Sword in the Stone " will receive new life on the screen. br />
The story of the adventures of the young Arthur and the wizard Merlin became the last cartoon of the Disney company, filmed during the life of Walt Disney. In 1964, The Sword in the Stone was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Musical Adaptation category.

The feature film will be written by Brian Cogman, who is currently working on the film adaptation of the popular board game Magic: The Gathering.


The idea of creating game remakes turned out to be a huge success for Disney . Last year, Maleficent earned $ 758 million at the worldwide box office, and this spring Cinderella brought another $ 539 million to the studio's treasury.

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