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The best Athos of all time is 75!

Image Veniamin Smekhov , known to the domestic audience as Athos from the film "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers", was born into the family of a professor of economic sciences and a general practitioner. Little Venya from childhood showed the makings of an actor. At school, he attended the drama club, which was taken care of by Rolan Bykov himself. Then Smekhov entered the Theater School named after B.V.Shchukin, from where, however, he was expelled for a while.

Vladimir Etush did not like his shyness and closeness very much. Benjamin had to overcome his nature, and the result was not long in coming - he was not only restored, but also received an A from Etush After completing his studies, Veniamin was sent to the Kuibyshev Drama Theater.


In general, Laughs was and remains for the most part a theatrical actor. The list of performances in which he played is much longer than the list of his films. And yet most viewers know Veniamin Borisovich as the performer of the role of Athos from the movie “ D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers ”. At the time of its creation, this picture was considered a checkpoint, and high hopes were not pinned on it. But unexpectedly, even for the creators themselves, the tape has become incredibly popular, and this is largely due to the perfect casting.

The same Athos in the book seems to us not the most pleasant character - an alcoholic, a rowdy, an egoist. We know about his nobility only from the words of D'Artagnan . In the Soviet film adaptation, they tried to smooth out the unpleasant and incomprehensible moments for a Soviet person. And Laughs became one of the brilliant finds of the filmmakers. When the hero only appears on the screen, without even having done a single act, he immediately makes us believe in his nobility, that he is an aristocrat by blood. Veniamin Smekhov is a very handsome man, but his spirituality was much more impressive on the screen. He did not leave the slightest doubt that Athos is a man of exceptional spiritual qualities.


Among other works of Smekhov in the cinema - Baron Krause from the war drama "Two Comrades Served", Smoke Bellew from the adventure film "Smoke and the Kid" books by Jack London, Mustafa from the musical performance "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves", a small but vivid role of Don Quixote in the "Tale of Wanderings" with Andrei Mironov.


The editorial staff of LostFilm.INFO congratulates their favorite actor on his anniversary! We wish Veniamin Borisovich good health, good mood and new interesting projects!

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