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Simon Kienberg plans Logan's escape

Image Several years have passed since the last news of the work on the remake of the cult sci-fi movie "Logan's Flight ", released in 1976. Now The Hollywood Reporter announces that Simon Kinberg will take over the script for the new version.

Kinberg will have to write the main plot moves, and then Warner Bros. will find a scriptwriter to detail the resulting draft. The filmmaker will also take over the production functions of the project together with Joel Silver.

Recall that the action of Logan's Escape takes place in the society of the future, which survived a nuclear war and is hiding under a protective dome due to the high percentage of radiation in the air. Every inhabitant, upon reaching the age of 30, due to lack of resources and overpopulation, must go through the so-called "fire carousel". However, some, fearing for their lives, try to avoid such a fate. Logan is one of those guardians of the law whose duty is to capture the fugitives. One day, the main character is tasked with infiltrating their environment and finding out where the criminals' hideout is.

The original film, based on the novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, won the Oscar for Special Achievement (for visual effects).


Studio WB has not abandoned attempts to create a remake of the tape since 2000. Alex Garland, Will Bill and Christopher McQuarrie have tried their hand at writing an intelligible script. At various times, the project was overseen by Brian Singer and Nicholas Winding Refn, who planned to lead the shooting of the picture in the future. The main role was assigned to Ryan Gosling. However, in 2011 the actor refused to participate in the project.


Simon Kienberg is currently actively building the Fox cinematic universe. He produces the blockbusters X-Men: Apocalypse, Fantastic Four and Deadpool, and co-wrote the first two films. In addition, the filmmaker is listed as a screenwriter for one of the unnamed spin-offs of the Star Wars anthology.

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