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”What is special about you? ..”. Steve Jobs Trailer

Image Here's a dubbed trailer for one of this year's most anticipated biopic dramas, Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs . The title role in the project was played by Michael Fassbender ("Twelve Years of Slavery"), and the script belongs to the master of clever dialogues, Oscar-winning Aaron Sorkin.

Before the release of the trailer, we only knew that it would be a film about the work and personal life of the legendary American entrepreneur and one of the founders of Apple . The video finally clarified everything: it will be a film about how this entrepreneur masterly conducted his “orchestra”, in which the role of the first violins was assigned to the best programmers, and somewhere in the background women and children did not get in time.

It's worth noting that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, played by Seth Rogen in the biopic, has already commented on this trailer. According to him, Fassbender managed to create a character that is very similar in character and demeanor to Jobs , despite the fact that Wozniak himself never spoke Steve these words about interface theft.

Steve Jobs
Dubbed Trailer

The premiere of the film in USA will take place on November 12.

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