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Chris Evans stood up for superheroes

Image Last week, legendary filmmaker and producer Steven Spielberg predicted that superhero films would suffer the same fate as Westerns. In an interview with reporters Collider Chris Evans hastened to announce that the film adaptations of the comics are the engine for the development of cinema, and rumors about their impending death are greatly exaggerated.

The explosive development of computer graphics has helped to become the dominant genre of superhero blockbusters, noted Evans . -In my opinion, Hollywood will continue to make films that could compete technically with comic book adaptations. Any genre that allows you to create amazing characters and fantastic locations can arouse the audience's interest.

As for the future of comic-book films, everything will depend on their tone and style. We can also perceive Jason Bourne as a superman. Comics, in turn, can be brought closer to reality, as the Russo brothers managed to do in The First Avenger: Another War. If filmmakers change their approach to screen adaptations of graphic novels, superhero cinema will be popular with viewers for a long time to come. "


Recently, Evans announced that he is in no hurry to part with Captain America and will be ready to sign a new contract with Marvel .

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