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Suspiria Remake Moved To New Director

Image According to the portal The Tracking Board , the modern version of the horror movie " Suspiria " will still see the light of day, and this will happen under the leadership of Luca Guadagnino . David Gordon Green ("Pineapple Express: Sitting, Smoking"), long-time director of the remake of the cult film Dario Argento, leaving this post, said that the project is not canceled, but transferred to the hands of a new director - an Italian. The Italian in question turned out to be Guadagnino , who was originally supposed to only produce the picture of Green .

Recall that the original film Argento tells the story of an aspiring American ballerina Suzie , who comes to Germany to continue her studies at a prestigious ballet school. After her arrival, a series of sinister murders take place, prompting the heroine to start her own investigation. The girl discovers that her school is more like Bald Mountain, where a bunch of witches are going to have their coven.


Luca Guadagnino , presenting his new drama "Big Splash" at the 72nd Venice Film Festival, spoke about how " Suspiria " will indeed be his next project, and that his the vision of the remake is fundamentally different from the ideas of Green about him.

ImageAccording to the director, the new version will not look like the original film either:““ SuspiriaDario Argento was a child of her cinematic time, a fragile, somewhat childish film. I am very interested in German literature and cinema. Time and place of action will play an important role in my “ Suspiria ”. In 1977, the younger generation in Germany really wanted their fathers to acknowledge responsibility for the division of the country and to recognize their guilt. All this will be reflected in the future tape ".

“When I first saw the original film, I was 14 years old. I understood that I was growing up,- continues the director. -Throughout my youth, I was fascinated by this horror, it changed me forever. The main character of my film is a mother, and its fundamental idea is the uncompromising power of motherhood and the search for an inner voice. ”.

At the moment, the filmography of Guadagnino includes the drama Melissa: An Intimate Diary, the mystical thriller The Protagonists, the melodrama I Am Love, and the last of his films, Big Splash”, is currently receiving positive reviews at the Venice Film Festival. This, perhaps, gives grounds for an optimistic mood, if not the fans of " Suspiria " Dario Argento , then at least all other viewers.

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Author: Jake Pinkman