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The DC Universe is in danger

Image Warner Bros. Studio is having serious problems with the construction of the DC Cinematic Universe, reports The Hollywood Reporter .

Last October, the company's bosses rushed to publish their superhero plans for 2020, but failed to find a curator for all these projects, who would fulfill the functions entrusted to Kevin Feige in the MCU Marvel . Zach Snyder was expected to take on some of these responsibilities, but he's too busy working on the blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and preparing for the filming of two parts of Justice League.

Insiders report that in the absence of a curator, directors and screenwriters are given too much freedom to work on their films, which is why the plot of each new project begins to conflict with the previous ones. For the first time, WB encountered this problem already at the initial stages of the creation of " Wonder Woman ". Sources close to the studio's management confirm the information that several screenwriters worked on the blockbuster plot at once, each of whom wrote his own text without clear instructions from the bosses of the film company. Some of the authors left the project due to disputes with the director, and as a result, the case ended with the fact that Michelle McLaren herself was forced to terminate the relationship with WB due to creative differences.


The studio is experiencing similar difficulties with the script " Aquaman ". Last August, Will Bill (Gangster Hunters) and Kurt Johnstad (The 300) began work on the text, then joined by Jeff Nichols (Mud). One of these writers reportedly followed the studio's directions, but at the last moment the bosses decided that his script risked changing the rules by which their cinematic universe should exist. Currently, WB has paused work on another text to figure out in which direction the writer will need to develop the plot of the picture.


Next year, WB will present two films from its cinematic universe to the audience. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to premiere on March 24, 2016 , and Suicide Squad will premiere on August 5, 2016 .

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