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”A Lost World” Revealed at Neil Blomkamp

Image Studio 20th Century Fox , the newly minted owner of the rights to film adaptation of the science fiction novel Thomas Sveterlitch " The Gone World " * ( The Gone World), wants to occupy Neil Blomkamp with a film adaptation of him, reports Deadline .

According to the portal, the studio bosses will entrust the director of District 9, Elysium and The Robot Called Chappy not only the director's chair, but the scriptwriter's duties. Chernin Entertainment will be engaged in the production of the film based on the book yet to be published, and Blomkamp is required to do the same thing that he did in all his films - to build a rich screen living by its own laws. the world and devote the viewer to all its subtleties.

Very little is known about the plot of the new work of the Swedish writer and, accordingly, about the plot of the future film. The new Sveterlitch novel will definitely include time travel and is supposed to resemble the author's first novel, titled Tomorrow and Tomorrow ). In his debut work, the writer sent the protagonist to fight the regime in a dark post-apocalyptic dystopia.


As a reminder, Blomkamp was supposed to direct the production of the fifth part of the Alien film franchise. However, last month, Fox management postponed production of the movie for several years in favor of the sequel to Prometheus, thus freeing up the director's schedule for new projects. Thus, " The Lost World " can be considered a kind of compensation for Neal from one of the Hollywood majors.

* - preliminary translation.

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