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Star-Lord and Thor fight Thanos

Image At the beginning of next month, the film "The First Avenger: Confrontation" will be released, after which Joe and Anthony Russo will begin preparations for filming the two-part blockbuster " Avengers: War infinity ".

Earlier, the brothers let slip that almost seven dozen Marvel characters will take part in the battle between the defenders of the Earth and the villain Thanos . In an interview with Comicbook Anthony and Joe , they finally announced the first names of comic book heroes who will be on the side of the forces of good.

Infinity War ”will be the culmination of the first three phases of the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe , so we would not want to reveal all the secrets in advance, - said Anthony . -But I have to admit that we can be called big fans of the talent of James Gunn. Chris Pratt is a terrific actor who brilliantly portrayed such a fantastic character as Star-Lord . Fans of this movie hero should definitely wait for the release of “ Infinity War ”.

Insiders do not rule out that the entire Guardians of the Galaxy team will take part in the fight against the mad titan Thanos .


I will be interested in developing the storyline of Thor , added Joe . -In Thor: Ragnarok, Chris Hemsworth's character will have an amazing adventure. At the start of the events of “ War of Infinity ”, he will not only be in an extremely interesting place, but will also acquire a completely new motivation”.


The first part of " Infinity War " will be released on May 3, 2018 , and the second is scheduled to premiere on May 2, 2019 .

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