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Bad Santa 2 directed by Mean Girls

Image Recently it became known that the sequel to the 2003 comedy " Bad Santa " has officially gone into production. At that time, only the director's candidacy remained in question. Now The Hollywood Reporter announces that Mark Waters will lead the filming of the second part.

Waters intends to begin work on the second Santa in January 2016. The film was written by Johnny Rosenthal, Doug Allyn (Entourage) and Shauna Cross (If I Stay). The producer of the project is Geyer Kosinski.

It is known that Billy Bob Thornton, who has long dreamed of a sequel to the first film, will return to the role of the title character. In addition to Thornton , according to the source, Tony Cox ( Marcus ) and Brett Kelly ( Terman ) will take part in the work on the sequel. At the moment, the creators of the comedy are looking for an actress for the main female role.


In 2004, "Mean Girls", directed by Waters , earned $ 129 million worldwide, and a year earlier the equally successful comedy by the filmmaker Freaky Friday was released. In 2013, Mark pleased his fans with a new work - the Vampire Academy tape, but it earned mostly negative reviews from critics.


The sequel Bad Santa will premiere in 2016.

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