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Casting: Battle of the Sexes and Kidnapping Victim

Image Taylor Kitsch ("John Carter") will take on the roles of producer, director and writer, as well as starring in the crime drama Pieces ( "Pieces" *), based on the short film of the same name. This is reported by the information resource Variety .

In addition to Kitsch , the project is produced by Peter Berg, Randall Emmett, George Farleigh, Tim Sullivan and Anthony Callie.

The original, filmed by Kitsch himself, premiered in 2014. Its plot revolved around thedebt-ridden guy who, in order to save his own skin, forced his best friend to plunge into the world of crime. The new film will tell the story of three best friends from Detroit, whose lives change dramatically when they get into a dangerous situation.


Austin Stowell ("Obsession") will take part in the filming of the biographical drama "Battle of the Sexes ", which tells the story of sports icon and ardent feminist Billie Jean King. The film tells the story of the famous tennis match, held in September 1973, in which 29-year-old King defeated the former first racket of the world Bobby Riggs. Prior to this fight, the latter spoke unflatteringly about the quality of women's tennis.

The film will be directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Joy). The main role in the biopic is given to Emma Stone, and Larry King , her heroine's husband, will be played by Stowell . The cast also includes Steve Carell, Andrea Riseborough and Elizabeth Shue.


Gugu Mbata-Row ("Belle") will star in the drama An Untamed State ( "Wild State" *) - the adaptation of the debut novel Roxanne Gay . The film will be directed by Gina Prince-Bywood, who has already worked with Gugu on Behind the Scenes. The future project will tell the story of a woman who is kidnapped in front of her husband and son for ransom. Her father, one of the most influential people in Haiti, refused to pay the kidnappers, and her husband fought for the release of his wife for 13 long days.

* -preliminary translation.

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