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Official: Nolan Goes to World War II

Image Rumors circulated in the press last week that Christopher Nolan is preparing to lead the filming of a film set during World War II. Now the information portal Variety writes that these rumors have been confirmed. Nolan will indeed take on a drama called Dunkirk ( Dunkirk ) and go to shoot it in France.

Christopher wrote the script for the tape himself. Together with Emma Thomas, he will also produce the film. It will focus on the successful operation carried out during the Second World War, when more than 300,000 servicemen, blocked by German troops in the city, were evacuated from Dunkirk.

The source reports that the director plans to invite young and talented, but not very famous actors to the shooting. However, Nolan is also in talks with Tom Hardy (Mad Max: Fury Road), Kenneth Brana (Operation Valkyrie) and Mark Rylance (Spy Bridge).


Studio Warner Bros. has already decided on the date of the premiere of the tape - July 21, 2017 . Large-scale filming will begin in May in France - in places where the real events described in the film took place.

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Author: Jake Pinkman