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Eight Little Indians. Hateful Trailer

Image While most mainstream moviegoers are discussing the full trailer for the Batman v Superman blockbuster released today, legendary director and master of dialogue Quentin Tarantino reminds us that not only comic plots feed modern Hollywood cinema, but at the same time encourages us to spend the holidays with those we hate.

A fresh dubbed trailer for the upcoming film Tarantino The Hateful Eight reveals the director's fascination with the 60s westerns he watched as a child. Well, the synopsis of the picture unexpectedly brings to mind comparisons with the classic detective story of Agatha Christie " Ten Little Indians ".The events of the " Eight " revolve around completely different randomly met people - bounty hunter, hangman, confederate, sheriff, Mexican, undersized, cowboy and captive - taken by surprise by a blizzard and forced to hide in a haberdashery a bench on the outskirts. The intrigue begins when a motley company realizes that one of them is not who he claims to be, and can easily destroy everyone else.


The film was shot using the most modern technologies, which, according to Tarantino , are ahead of even those used in The Force Awakens. However, a brilliant cast of actors remains the determining factor for the director's success, most of whom have already worked with the Oscar-winner several times. Images created by Quentin especially for Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Walton Goggins, Michael Madsen and Tim Roth can be appreciated right now. In addition, the trailer gives a glimpse of how Jennifer Jason Leigh and Demian Bishir, who joined the permanent ensemble Tarantino , have coped with their roles.

The Hateful Eight
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A full-fledged opinion about the Western " The Hateful Eight " can only be made on January 14 , when the audacious, uncompromising and snow-covered film arrives in the country's cinemas.

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