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Will Batman get a solo album in 2018?

Image LatinoReview shares rumors that Warner Bros. is working on a solo movie about Batman .

Last October, the WB executives published their superhero plans for 2020. Fans of DC comics were surprised that a movie about The Dark Knight was not among the studio's next projects. Now there are rumors that the famous superhero may receive a solo album as early as November 2018. According to insiders, WB plans to seriously compete in the box office with the blockbuster Captain Marvel.

Previously, Warner Bros. bosses had planned for 2018 the Flash and Aquaman releases.


The role of Bruce Wayne in the MCU DC in August 2013 was given to Ben Affleck . According to rumors, they want to entrust the work on the plot of the solo album Batman to the Oscar-winning screenwriter Chris Terrio , who has already collaborated with Affleck on the creation of "Operation Argo" and the blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Currently Terrio is writing the script for two parts of the Justice League. Ben Affleck may take over as the director of the new " Batman "


Studio officials have so far declined to comment.

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