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LeBron James will light up the fake basketball star

Image After LeBron James SpringHill Entertainment struck a deal with Warner Bros. , rumors reignited in Hollywood that the star basketball could play a major role in the sequel to "Space Jam". In fact, the athlete still cannot find time to shoot in the sequel to the famous 1996 family film, but is ready to try himself as a producer of a completely different project.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , the first film by LeBron will be a so far untitled comedy, the plot of which will be based on the viral video of the portal Elite Daily . Last year, the journalist Connor Toole decided to prove to his readers that anyone with a tall height and an expensive suit can easily pass themselves off as a rising basketball star.

First, Tool traveled to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where the NBA Draft was to take place, an annual event where National Basketball clubs associations select young players. Connor announced himself as one of the draft participants, after which sports fans began to willingly take pictures with him.


After the event ended, Toole donned a Utah Jazz baseball cap and began touring Manhattan, telling passers-by that he had been selected by the Salt Lake City team. Soon, the cheater began to be treated in bars, and by the end of the evening he managed to collect an impressive collection of phone numbers of pretty girls.


The original video won the prestigious Webby Awards . SpringHill Entertainment will be supported by WB 's subsidiary New Line Cinema . Jeffrey Thaler, Maverick Carter and Sean Sachs will be producing alongside LeBron James .

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Author: Jake Pinkman