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Judge Dredd wants to move to TV

Image Although the fantasy action movie Judge Dredd was warmly received by critics and fans of the iconic comic book hero, it managed to earn only $ 35 million at the worldwide box office on a production budget of $ 50 million. Many viewers were eager to secure funding for the sequel through the Kickstarter service, but writer and producer Alex Garland admitted early last year that even fan support is unlikely to get the second game going. Rumor has it that the studio bosses could not be convinced of the feasibility of filming " Judge Dredd 2 " even the high sales of the film on DVD.

Fans of the franchise did not give up without a fight, having decided to organize a collection of votes in support of the idea of creating a TV series based on the comics about Dredd . In recent years, many online services and channels have begun producing their own content, thanks to which the story of the fearless lawyer has a good chance of being continued on television. Karl Urban , who played the title role in the 2012 film, hastened to support the petition.

I'm ready to return to Dredd on the show, the actor announced on his Twitter. -I would be happy if Netflix or Amazon took over this project. We have a treasure trove of amazing stories about Mega City 1 .


Such projects Amazon and Netflix as "The Man in the High Castle" ( The Man in the High Castle ), "Jessica Jones" ( Jessica Jones ) and "Daredevil" ( Daredevil ) are great examples of how many modern TV series can compete even with Hollywood films.

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Author: Jake Pinkman