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US Boxing Office survives in Miami

Image After four weeks of undisputed leadership in the North American box office, the blockbuster " Star Wars: The Force Awakens " nevertheless lost ground and ceded the palm to the newcomer of the box office - the comedy " Mission to Miami " .

The sequel to Ride Together grossed $ 34 million over the weekend, notably losing out to the first film in its debut week ($ 41.5 million). Ice Cube and Kevin Hart returned to the roles of cops James and Ben , respectively, but this time the action shifted from Atlanta to Miami, where the partners had to track down a dangerous drug dealer.

Mission to Miami is inferior to Travel Together not only in the amount of fees, but also in the reviews of critics and viewers. Of course, the reviewers could not fail to note how beautiful and funny the duet of Cube and Hart is, but this is perhaps the end of the laudatory remarks about the film.


According to viewers who have watched the comedy, Mission to Miami is painfully similar to the first film and is not so much a sequel as a remake. Tim Storey and his team apparently decided to repeat the success of Ride Together by simply reshooting it in other locations, but the same silly jokes no longer surprise movie lovers. br />
In second place in the top 5 was the film Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu " Survivor ", which added another $ 29.5 million to its piggy bank. Thus, the total collection of the picture is already $ 87.7 million . Of all the five leaders, the Western lost the least number of viewers - only 26%, which is largely due, of course, to the announcement of the nominees for the Oscar .


The Survivor claims 12 gold statuettes at once and continues to garner rave reviews from the professional community. The film Inarritu amazes viewers with its realism: when watching, it is as if you yourself find yourself in the snowy landscapes of unexplored America. Every detail complements the overall picture, which is undoubtedly the merit of not only the director, but also his cameraman Emmanuel Lubezki. There is no need to talk about Leonardo DiCaprio's game - it has already been awarded a Golden Globe and a Oscar nomination .


The third position was taken by the indestructible leader of recent weeks - The Force Awakens . With a gross of $ 25.1 million , Jay Jay Abrams now boasts $ 851.1 million . On the world stage, the blockbuster's achievements look even more impressive - there the seventh episode exceeded the mark of $ 1.8 billion and, apparently, is not going to stop there.


In fourth place is another debutant of the North American box office - the action movie Michael Bay " 13 o'clock: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi ", which finished its first weekend with a result of $ 16 million . With a budget of $ 50 million , Paramount was expecting more from the director's new creation. And for Bay himself, such a result does not seem particularly impressive - his last work, which raised less than $ 20 million on the premiere weekend, was the 2005 painting "The Island". As for "13 o'clock" , the critics reacted to the tape with some irony. Like, the director wanted to make a film about American patriotism, but in the end it turned out to be just another product in the style of Michael Bay , where all the action scenes look too staged, and the main characters are too perfect.


And the comedy of Sean AndersHello, Dad, New Year ” closes the top five, which made the audience laugh for another $ 9.3 million . The tape has not left the top 5 for four weeks, and during this time the duo of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg pulled out of the wallets of moviegoers $ 129.3 million , which can be regarded as a pretty decent result for a film of this genre. True, the premiere of "Grandfathers of Easy virtue" will take place in the coming weekend, and Zac Efron and Robert De Niro will surely draw the audience's attention to themselves.

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Author: Jake Pinkman