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Casting: Villains for The Magnificent Seven and The Crow

Image The Hollywood Reporter announces that the creators of the The Magnificent Seven Remake are in talks with Peter Sarsgaard to play the film's main villain .

Seats in the cast have already been secured by Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D'Onofrio, Lee Benhon, Wagner Mora, Matt Bomer and Haley Bennett. The latter will play the role of a woman who invites seven mercenaries to defend her town from the raids of bandits working for the local baron. This very baron is invited to play Sarsgaard . Jason Momoa, who claimed to be one of his subordinates, refused to participate in the film.

Antoine Fuqua will lead the 1960 remake of the classic western and will be written by John Lee Hancock and Nick Pizzolatto.


Sarsgaard is known to viewers from the TV series "The Killing" ( The Killing ), as well as the films Green Lantern, Child of Darkness, The Marines and the Stephen Glass Affair. For the last picture from the list, the actor was nominated for the Golden Globe award. Soon Peter can be seen with Johnny Depp in the crime drama Black Mass.


Relativity Studios keeps up with the creators of The Magnificent Seven : for their project, the Remake of The Crow , a candidate has been found for the role of the main villain. So, in the image of the head of the mafia named Top Dollar will appear Andrea Riseborough ("Birdman", "Oblivion"). Both in the comic by James O'Barr and in the original film Top Dollar was a man, but the creators of the remake decided to take a different path, making the girl the personification of all the evil that fell to the lot of Eric Draven . Recall that his role will be played by Jack Houston. Corinne Hardy will direct the new version of the 1994 film.


Finally, Ellen Page ("X-Men: Days of Future Past") and Allison Jenny ("The Servant") were cast in the dramatic comedy Tallulah . Sian Heder's directorial debut. By the way, the actresses have already worked together on the sets of "Juno" and "Touching Feelings". The new film will tellthe story of a woman who takes a baby from an unlucky mother and brings up a girl as her own daughter. The baby is considered abducted for a long time, but when she nevertheless reunites with her own mother, strangely enough, a warm relationship develops between the three main characters.

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