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American Gods Meet Laura Moon

Image Actress Emily Browning , best known for Sucker Punch, got the role of Laura Moon in the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's cult novel American Gods ( American Gods ), which is being developed by Starz TV channel. As a reminder, Ricky Whittle has already signed on for the role of Shadow of Moon , and viewers will see Ian McShane in the role of Wednesday .

According to the plot of the printed source, the former prisoner The Shadow is hired as a bodyguard for the mysterious Mr. Wednesday to accompany the latter on an epic journey across the country. The purpose of Environment is to find and rally old gods with biblical and mythological roots, and to fight new gods such as drugs, money and modern technology.

The author of the novel, commenting on the casting news, said that Lore , who according to the book is the wife of Shadow , in the series is to become an even more difficult and dangerous heroine than she was in the original. Also Gaiman noted that for the actress herself, this role will be a big challenge.


Showrunners Brian Fuller and Michael Greene were also extremely pleased with the casting, noting that“you don't need any magic coins if you have Emily Browning who gives each role a twist i>. Shadow amused himself with coin tricks as he was serving his sentence, reflecting on how much he loves his wife.

Filming for American Gods will start next month.

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