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Ice Cube will wear the top hat of a mean Scrooge

Image According to the portal Deadline , Universal Pictures has acquired the script for a film called Humbug , a modern adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel A Christmas Carol ". Apparently, the company has no plans to postpone the project: the film adaptation already has a leading actor - Ice Cube , and a director - Tim Storey . By the way, they already had to work together. Their latest joint film to date, the comedy Mission to Miami, will be released in January 2016 .

In the new project, Ice Cube will play Ebenezer Scrooge ,a wealthy real estate agent who has embarked on a path of redemption thanks to the efforts of the Christmas spirit of the Past , Present and Future . The film adaptation will be produced by Cube himself, with the help of Jeff Quadinetz .

The latest film adaptation of the famous work of Dickens was released six years ago. The film "A Christmas Carol" by Robert Zemeckis became a successful experiment of the director in the field of animation, created using motion capture technology. Most of the main roles in it were played by Jim Carrey, who filigreely coped with the image of the mean Scrooge , and with the embodiment of Spirits of Christmas from different times.


It is worth noting that in the fight for the film, Universal overtook three other contenders ( MGM , New Line and Disney ), having paid the scriptwriters of the picture almost $ 1 million . At the same time, the studio has more than once supported projects that competitors simply did not need. Thus, New Line refused to support the "Joint Trip", another result of cooperation between Cuba and Storey . According to the site Box Office Mojo , the film grossed nearly $ 154 million on a budget of $ 25 million . Well, the successful musical biopic "Voice of the Streets", which a month after its release at home, still brings income to the creators, was not needed by Warner Bros. <

According to preliminary data, a new variation of " A Christmas Carol " will hit theaters in 2017 .

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