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Machete is ready to go into space

Image In an interview with the portal Halloween Daily News Danny Trejo announced that the painting " Machete kills again ... In space! " is ready to go to work ... "Robert Rodriguez and I will soon begin creating the Machete triquel," said the actor. -We plan to start filming this year”.

In 2010, the first film in the film series " Machete " earned $ 44 million worldwide with a budget of $ 10.5 million . The sequel has failed to replicate its success. The film was not only defeated by critics, but also brought its creators only $ 15 million with a production budget of $ 12 million . Many reviewers then believed that the failure of the " Machete Kills " tape put an end to the franchise.

Studio 20th Century Fox has not yet officially announced its desire to support the triquel, and therefore we should not exclude the possibility that the new film about the adventures of Machete will go straight to video.


Rodriguez and Trejo are currently working on the second season of the series "From Dusk Till Dawn" ( From Dusk Till Dawn ).

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Author: Jake Pinkman