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Fox will create a cult of empty people

Image As it became known to the portal Deadline , the studio 20th Century Fox has acquired the rights to film the comic book Boom! Studios titled The Empty Man ( The Empty Man ). The author of the graphic novel is the winner of the Eisner Award Cullen Bunn , and the artist is Vanessa R. del Rey.

An aspiring director David Pryor will undertake the adaptation script, and he will subsequently lead the filming of the film itself. Previously Pryor worked as a producer and director of documentaries for David Fincher, Peter Weir, Michael Bay, Tim Burton and many other famous directors.

There is no information about the plot of the film adaptation yet, and the original is amystical thriller telling about the cult responsible for the mysterious disappearances of the inhabitants of a small American town. A year earlier, the first case of a strange disease occurred, the symptoms of which are bouts of rage, suicidal tendencies and hallucinations. The disease ends in death or, at best, in the person falling into a stupor. FBI and CDC by any means intend to stop the dangerous community and find a cure for an unknown disease.


Founder of Boom! Studios Ross Ritchie, Stephen Christie and Adam Yoeling will be producing the new project.

For Fox The Empty Man is not the only film adaptation of the comics from this publisher - the films Malignant Man, Imagine Agents and Lumberjanes are now in the works.

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Author: Jake Pinkman