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Will Michael Myers be reborn on TV?

Image Now that Dimension Films has forfeited the rights to the Halloween franchise, filming of the planned sequel to Halloween Returns has been postponed indefinitely. However, the information resource Fangoria reports that Michael Myers may go to conquer small screens - work is already underway on a TV series based on "Halloween" .

So far this information has not been confirmed, but there are rumors that the new project will be a series with a limited number of seasons (three to five), as in the case of "The Strain" ( The Strain ), which debuted in 2014 and calculated for a maximum of five years.

The return of Michael Myers to the big screens hasn't been as successful as the producers hoped. Therefore, according to the source, the owners of the rights to the franchise intend to switch their attention to the television format. Now there are only rumors about the new project, and there is still a possibility that work on the next full-length film will continue.


Curiously, Halloween is not the first horror franchise to be revived on TV. Thus, The CW continues to work on a series based on the movie "Friday the 13th", and last year the channel MTV successfully launched the show "Scream" ( Scream ), already renewed for a second season.

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